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Richard Irvin Lies in New TV Ad But Remains Radio Silent With Real Illinoisans

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Irvin on Day 8 of Dodging Questions

Today, Richard Irvin released his first TV ad despite not meeting with voters, holding a public event, or answering questions from the media in the week since declaring his candidacy.

You can track how long Radio Silent Richard has been hiding at this new site.

The ad features the same lies and hypocrisy Irvin has based his entire campaign on. He claims he called the National Guard to Aurora, even though he was called out for this lie before. Only the governor — who Irvin himself has praised numerous times — can call in the National Guard. And since the protests shown in the ad, Irvin has flip-flopped from saying Black Lives Matter to All Lives Matter.

Instead of speaking with Illinoisans about the challenges they face, Irvin is busy parroting big donor Ken Griffin’s agenda of dragging Illinois back to the failed policies of Bruce Rauner.

By dodging events and interviews, Irvin has avoided the tough questions like why he’s voted for Democrats in the past and where he stands on a woman’s right to choose.

“Richard Irvin doesn’t know where he stands — which is why his only strategy is to dodge questions or lie,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Once Illinoisans hear Irvin’s true intentions of a Rauner reboot, they’ll see the Griffin slate is more interested in undoing progress than moving forward.”