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RGAinDisarray: Hogan Ramps Up GOP Civil War and Warns of Trump’s Looming Threat to GOP Governors

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Hogan:  “I think the biggest threat to Republican success next year … is Trump”

The infighting between the Republican Party and Donald Trump is heating up, and Larry Hogan is issuing a warning sign that the former president’s constant attacks on Republican incumbents could doom the GOP in the midterms.

In a new interview with Politico, Hogan calls on the RGA to fend off Trump by making good on their promise to protect incumbent governors — dragging the organization deeper into the brutal civil war between Donald Trump and the rest of the Republican Party.

According to Hogan, this escalating infighting could spell serious trouble for Republicans in 2022 if Donald Trump continues to “screw up these races” by attacking incumbents. Hogan admitted, “I think the biggest threat to Republican success next year … is Trump.”

Hogan has “loudly advocated for the Republican Governors Association to defend…sitting incumbents under fire.” And while the RGA has previously embraced that commitment, doing so stands in open opposition to Donald Trump, whose routine attacks on sitting GOP governors has led to a record-breaking number of competitive primary challenges to GOP governors. Trump has even endorsed primary challengers to sitting Republican governors in states like Georgia and Idaho, with his iron grip over the party pushing Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker to jump ship.

The DGA is tracking each chapter in the ongoing GOP civil war and how many Republican governors facing are primary attackers at

“The RGA is stuck between the toxic and harmful policies of Donald Trump and a hard place,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “If they double down on their potentially very expensive promise to protect their incumbents, they risk angering their party’s leader — even as his constant attacks threaten to doom GOP governors’ chances next year. Larry Hogan is sounding the alarm that one thing remains clear for the GOP: as long as Donald Trump is in control, the RGA can count on a messy midterm election.”