RGA in Disarray: Final Weeks in the ‘Scorched Earth’ Georgia Primary Pits Republican Governors Against Donald Trump

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The gloves are off in the final few weeks before the Georgia GOP gov primary, as the out-of-control infighting between Kemp and Perdue is dragging Republicans into the crossfire and forcing them to pick a side.

The messy “scorched earth” primary has already pitted RGA vs. Donald Trump. Now, Trump is attacking incumbent governors and RGA co-chairs Doug Ducey and Pete Ricketts, along with former governor Chris Christie,for campaigning in Georgia for Kemp. Trump slammed Kemp for having “loaded the state up with RINOs…Chris Christie, Doug Ducey…and Pete Ricketts…”

The GOP primary is also dividing Trump and his former vice president. Mike Pence announced he will hold a rally in Georgia in support of Kemp, a move POLITICO called his “most aggressive political move yet in defiance of…Donald Trump.”

The incessant division and infighting between Republicans has defined the Georgia governor primary and it’s forced the RGA to spend millions to protect Brian Kemp from Trump’s attacks.

It’s not just Georgia — GOP infighting made worse by Trump’s meddling has forced the RGA to spend big to defend their incumbents in primaries in states from Ohio and Oklahoma to Alaska and Idaho.

“The GOP’s chaos in the final weeks of the Georgia primary is another textbook case of the infighting that has come to define the Republican Party,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “The RGA’s headaches are far from over. Even after the primary, they’ll be left dealing with a bitterly divided party and a group of unpopular and out-of-touch governors and candidates on the ballot this November.”