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Reynolds Slammed for Racist Ad

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The Gazette: “Shameful, but not surprising.”

Kim Reynolds is facing widespread criticism in Iowa for her decision to run a campaign ad that plays into harmful racist stereotypes in order to deceive Iowa voters on where Diedre DeJears stands.

Here’s what press coverage across Iowa has been saying about Kim Reynolds’ use of racist dog whistles in her latest ad:

The Gazette: Opinion: Reynolds plays the race card: “…the governor and her team just couldn’t resist playing the race card. They had to drag out racist tropes and dog whistles about the lawless, lazy and dangerous other. Shameful, but not surprising.”

Iowa Capital-Dispatch: Gov. Kim Reynolds race-baits in campaign’s new TV ad: “So Iowans should understand: The racist tropes in Gov. Kim Reynolds’ latest TV ad are deliberate…​​The opening scene is designed to trick viewers…”

KCCI: Democrats call Gov. Reynolds’ ad ‘racist & dangerous,’ campaign disagrees