Republican Candidates for Governor Caught Scrubbing Unpopular, Radical Positions From Campaign Websites

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Across the country, GOP candidates for governor are attempting to hide their extreme views by scrubbing their campaign websites of far-right stances that put them completely out of touch with voters.

  • COLORADO: This week, Heidi Ganahl removed a webpage from her campaign site listing her extreme anti-abortion stance.
  • MARYLAND: After facing an onslaught of criticism, Dan Cox deleted his account on Gab, known as an online hub for hate speech and white nationalism. Cox also removed mention of his efforts against certifying the 2020 presidential election results from his campaign website.
  • MINNESOTA: Scott Jensen changed the copy on his website to hide his extreme stance on abortion, removing several lines including, “He believes in the sanctity of human life, from conception to natural death.”
  • NEW MEXICO: Mark Ronchetti recently deleted language on his website describing him as “strongly-Pro-Life.” According to conservative pastor Steve Smothermon, Ronchetti’s “goal would be to end abortion in New Mexico,” but he’s hiding his extremism “because we won’t ever get elected.”
  • OREGON: Christine Drazan scrubbed her website’s issues page, which had previously touted her hard anti-choice stance.
  • PENNSYLVANIA: Doug Mastriano deleted 14 videos from his Facebook page where he staked out far-right positions, including the absurd claim that climate change is “pop science.”
  • WISCONSIN: Until he was called out for flip-flopping, Tim Michels erased mention of his endorsement from Donald Trump after winning the GOP primary.

“The GOP’s extremism is entirely out of step with the American people, so it’s no wonder the Republican Party’s MAGA candidates for governor are trying to hide where they stand,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “But these candidates have been crystal clear in their far-right stances — and it’s too late to walk them back.”