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Reeves Loses More Steam: Nonpartisan Analyst Shifts MS Gov in Democrats’ Direction in 2023

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Momentum in the Mississippi governor’s race continues to shift away from incumbent Gov. Tate Reeves. In the latest sign of Reeves’ vulnerability and weak standing, as he looks toward reelection, Cook Political Report announced a shift in their race rating from Solid Republican to Likely Republican.

Cook Political Report wrote, “there have been some intriguing developments in Republican Gov. Tate Reeves’s reelection bid that have caused us to reevaluate our rating.”

In recent weeks, multiple polls have Reeves’ support underwater, as a result of his failures to address a massive corruption scandal, a water crisis in Jackson, and his refusal to expand Medicaid, allegedly just to boost his own politics — a decision that’s forced rural hospitals across the state to close down or risk closing.

Earlier this week, a new poll had Reeves down four points in a general election matchup and showed 64% of respondents had an unfavorable impression of Reeves for his role in the corruption scandal — a top issue for Mississippi voters.

DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton said, “Facing a major corruption scandal and hospital closure crisis, the tide continues to turn against Tate Reeves As the people of Mississippi face the consequences of his corruption and disastrous record, Reeves will only become more vulnerable.”