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Put Michigan First Keeps Holding MI Republicans Accountable With TV Ad Exposing Dixon’s Plan to Slash Police Funding

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Today, Put Michigan First continued holding Michigan Republicans accountable, this time launching a new TV ad — called “Lead” — showing how Tudor Dixon supports policies that would slash law enforcement funding and make Michigan less safe. Watch the new ad here.

The TV ad, which is backed by a seven-figure buy across the state, corrects the record about Dixon’s misleading ads that falsely claim she would make Michigan safer.

Dixon, who is known for her close ties to the DeVos family, supports a tax scheme that would blow up the state budget and could slash up to $500 million from state police. The Michigan Association of Police Organizations has warned an approach similar to Dixon’s plan would have “a devastating impact.”

This is just the latest way Put Michigan First is holding Republicans in Michigan accountable. Recently, Put Michigan First ran TV ads holding Republican politicians across Michigan responsible for their failed records, including Kevin Rinke’s record of being sued for workplace harassment, Garrett Soldano for pushing fake COVID cures, and Ryan Kelley for his role in the violent attack on the United States Capitol on January 6th.

“We’re holding Michigan Republicans accountable for their harmful policies that would make life worse for families in Michigan,” said Put Michigan First Spokesperson Sam Newton. Tudor Dixon’s plan could slash up to $500 million for state police. It’s critical that Michigan families know how Dixon’s agenda would make Michigan more dangerous.”

See below for the full transcript of the thirty-second video: 

Narrator: You want to lead Michigan? You’ve gotta keep people safe.

But Tudor Dixon’s dangerous budget plan could slash up to $500 million from state police across Michigan, threatening funding for thousands of law enforcement jobs.

The Michigan Association of Police Organizations says Dixon’s approach would have a devastating impact on police budgets, leaving law enforcement crippled.

Tudor Dixon’s devastating plan would mean less cops on the street, making Michigan less safe.