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New Put Michigan First TV Ads Keep Calling Out Tudor Dixon’s Radical Stance on Banning Abortion and Plan to Put Betsy DeVos First

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Today, Put Michigan First is launching two new tv ads — “Example” and “Respect” — to keep holding Tudor Dixon accountable for her extreme plan to ban abortion without exceptions for rape, incest, or health of the mother, along with her plan to give millions in tax breaks to billionaires like her biggest funder Betsy DeVos at the expense of Michigan families.

“Example” uplifts the voices of health care providers as they call out Dixon’s support for banning and criminalizing abortion, which would throw doctors and nurses behind bars.

“Respect” is the latest in a series of Put Michigan First tv ads exposing how Dixon puts DeVos’ agenda ahead of Michigan families. The first slammed Dixon for supporting DeVos’ plan to strip public school funding. Another highlighted how Dixon’s tax breaks to the ultra-wealthy would leave working Michiganders with the bill.

See below for the full transcripts of the thirty-second ads: 


Gen, R.N.: Tudor Dixon…

Stephanie, OB/GYN: You said a 14-year-old victim of abuse…

LaCracha, Emergency Room Coordinator: Is a “perfect example” of why you want to ban abortion.

Interviewer: A 14-year-old who is a victim of abuse by an uncle. You’re saying carry that?

Tudor Dixon: Yeah, perfect example.

Gen: You want to ban abortion with no exceptions.

Stephanie: No exceptions.

Interviewer: Are you for the exceptions for rape and incest?

Dixon: I am not.

Gen: And you called the law that criminalizes abortion…

Dixon: A good law.

LaCracha: A good law?

Stephanie: You’d put nurses and doctors in jail just for doing our job.

Gen: Tudor Dixon’s hardline approach is too dangerous for Michigan.


Narrator: When we respect hard work, we reward it. But Tudor Dixon’s tax plan rewards wealth instead.

Dixon would give a new tax break worth millions to billionaires like Betsy DeVos, while DeVos and her family have spent over $4 million promoting Dixon.

Tudor Dixon: Yes, they’ve been very influential.

Narrator: More money for DeVos, more power for Dixon. And you could get stuck with higher sales and property taxes to pay for it all.

The Dixon-DeVos agenda hurts Michigan.