WATCH: New TV Ad Slams Tudor Dixon for Putting Betsy DeVos Ahead of Michigan Families

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In a new TV ad titled “Heard,” Put Michigan First is holding Tudor Dixon accountable for being all-in on Betsy DeVos’ plan to strip funding from public schools while pushing a dangerous tax scheme that would benefit billionaires like DeVos.

The ad also calls out that Dixon was barely known across the state until the DeVos family spent millions of dollars to promote her. Watch the new ad here.

“Instead of putting Michigan first, Tudor Dixon wants to give huge tax breaks to billionaires while backing Betsy DeVos’ plan to strip funding away from public schools,” said Put Michigan First Spokesperson Sam Newton. “Michiganders deserve to know that Dixon’s harmful policies put DeVos ahead of Michigan kids, parents, and teachers.” 

See below for the full transcript of the thirty-second video:

Narrator: Most people hadn’t heard of Tudor Dixon until Betsy DeVos and her family spent millions to promote her.

Because Tudor Dixon’s tax plan would give DeVos and other billionaires millions in tax breaks.

Dixon’s all-in on DeVos’ plans that could take up to $500 million from public schools and give taxpayer dollars to private and for-profit schools instead.

More money for DeVos, less for our kids.

The Dixon-DeVos plan is too dangerous for Michigan.