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New Put Michigan First Ad Exposes How Tudor Dixon’s Plan Puts Betsy DeVos and the Wealthy Before Michigan Families

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Today, Put Michigan First is launching a new tv ad — “Power” — highlighting how Tudor Dixon’s plan would give massive tax breaks to the ultra-wealthy, like her biggest funder, billionaire Betsy DeVos, while working Michiganders get stuck with the bill.

This is Put Michigan First’s second TV ad holding Dixon accountable for putting the priorities of DeVos ahead of Michigan families, with the first calling out Dixon for being all-in on DeVos’ plan to strip funding from public schools.

“Tudor Dixon is beholden to her billionaire backer Betsy DeVos, so it’s no surprise her tax plan would benefit the wealthiest while forcing hardworking Michigan families to pay the price,” said Put Michigan First Spokesperson Sam Newton. “For Tudor Dixon, Besty DeVos and her agenda will always come first — no matter how much it hurts Michigan.”

See below for the full transcript of the thirty-second ad: 


Narrator: One has the money, the other wants the power — and together, Betsy DeVos and Tudor Dixon’s agenda would have devastating consequences for you.

Funded by millions from DeVos and her family, Dixon’s plan would give away huge tax breaks benefiting the wealthy, like DeVos, and could stick you with higher sales taxes and higher property taxes to pay for it all.

Backed by Betsy DeVos and her billions, Tudor Dixon will never work for you.