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Minnesotans Overwhelmingly Support Gov. Walz’s Plan to Provide Families Direct Economic Relief

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A new poll is showing just how popular Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz’s plan to provide direct economic relief to working families is among people in the state. The plan, which gives $500 in direct “Walz Checks” payments to Minnesota taxpayers, received support from 68% of Minnesotans, according to the poll from KSTP/Survey USA.

Gov. Walz’s plan comes as a result of Minnesota’s record-breaking budget surplus. In addition to the direct payments, Gov. Walz is also proposing investing the surplus into Minnesota’s growth, including critical investments in public schools, improving local infrastructure, and tackling the climate crisis.

In addition to netting an unprecedented budget surplus, Gov. Walz’s steps to boost the economy are also contributing to historically low unemployment; Minnesota’s unemployment rate is at its lowest since 1999.

“Gov. Walz’s economic agenda is extraordinarily popular because it’s helping Minnesotans where they need it most,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “From an unprecedented budget surplus and record-low unemployment, to direct economic relief, Gov. Walz’s actions to boost the economy are having a direct positive impact on the state and on working families.”