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As Walz Nets Record-Breaking Economic Growth for Minnesotans, Opponent Launches Irresponsible Vanity Campaign

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Thanks to Gov. Tim Walz’s sound economic policy and fiscally responsible leadership, Minnesota is seeing significant economic growth. The governor just announced that Minnesota’s record-breaking $7.7 billion budget surplus has grown to $9.3 billion.

Gov. Walz also proposed investing the unprecedented surplus back into Minnesotans’ pockets, with a record-breaking $2.7 billion bonding bill that will improve local infrastructure, create affordable housing, and tackle the climate crisis head-on. Gov. Walz has even proposed tripling his proposed direct payments to $1,000 to account for the surplus growth. Minnesota also saw wages grow last year to their highest point in 20 years according to a recent forecast — nearly twice the rate of inflation.

While Gov. Walz is showing what responsible leadership looks like, his opponents are showing the exact opposite. Cory Hepola, a spoiler, third-party candidate, just announced his irresponsible vanity campaign for governor. With Minnesota’s GOP primary field of extreme radical candidates, Hepola’s candidacy threatens to undo the progress Gov. Walz has cemented and to hand the office to an anti-choice, anti-LGBT extreme Republican.

“Whether it’s a radical Republican or a spoiler vanity candidate, these candidates are running against the enormous economic progress Gov. Walz has made,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Minnesotans continue to see the impacts of that progress in their day-to-day lives, and they won’t forget it when they head to the ballot box in November.”