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Michigan GOP Heads Into Weekend with Messy, Divisive Primary

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Despite best efforts from GOP insiders to put their thumb on the scale for James Craig, the party is heading into this weekend’s Mackinac GOP Conference with a crowded, messy, and divisive primary.

Michigan Republicans are in disarray after CPAC endorsed Tudor Dixon and toxic Ted Nugent, who is unfortunately still a big name in the Michigan Republican Party, declined to endorse Craig. He instead endorsed Mike Brown, who also has a background in law enforcement.

If that wasn’t enough to ruin Republicans’ weekend, Garrett Soldano and Kevin Rinke are skipping the conference in protest of GOP insiders trying to rig the primary for Craig, with Soldano holding his own rally in Antrim Country, which is ground zero for the ‘Big Lie’ in Michigan. Both Soldano and Rinke have thrown harsh criticisms at the MI GOP. “The party bosses and the establishment, they think they get to decide who the Republican nominee is, but they’re wrong,” said Soldano.

All of this comes as Craig is still desperate to clean up his disastrous campaign launch, while this week he got caught expressing his extreme position of doing “whatever I can” to stop the repeal of Michigan’s 1931 bill banning and criminalizing abortion that will go into effect if Roe v. Wade is overturned.

“Michigan GOP insiders wanted their Mackinac conference to be an island coronation of Detroit Dodger James Craig, but his disastrous rollout, refusal to answer questions, and their clumsy attempts to rig the primary have backfired. Instead, more Republican infighting will be the only thing on display this weekend, as the Michigan GOP’s crowded and nasty race to take extreme and unpopular positions just gets started,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton.