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Maryland Matters: Dan Cox Has a Shot in Increasingly Nasty GOP Primary As Kelly Schulz is Still Silent

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In a new column published in  Maryland Matters, long-time Maryland political commentator Frank DeFilippo details how die-hard Trump supporter Del. Dan Cox “could easily win the Republican primary in a low turnout non-presidential election year.” 

Cox has campaigned using Trump-like rhetoric and positions that excite the far-right base. Maryland Matters’ Frank DeFilippo says, “Cox could easily win the Republican primary in a low turnout non-presidential election year.”

Meanwhile, Silent Kelly Schulz refuses to answer questions, as she’s facing mounting pressure to respond to her opponents’ unpopular policies and finally reveal her own. “Schulz had better toughen her talk if she hopes to combat Cox’s grab-‘em-by-the-throat messaging,” writes DeFilippo.

At the same time, Steele’s potential run has worsened the GOP infighting as he faces a campaign finance complaint and feuds with Cox’s campaign.

DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton said: “While Dan Cox fires up Trump’s base, Michael Steele is being attacked from every angle and Kelly Schulz has been silent so long she might as well not be running. This will be an incredibly divisive primary and Maryland Republicans will struggle to emerge from the brutal infighting.”