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Mark Amodei Once Again Throws Shade at Nevada GOP Primary Field, Puts Off Decision on Running for Governor

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Amodei: “the happiest guy in the state right now has got to be Steve Sisolak, and rightfully so, the way things sit right now” 

Mark Amodei is procrastinating making his mind up on whether he wants to run for governor. But he’s made it more than clear on multiple occasions he’s unimpressed with the current Republican field.

Amodei once again delayed his decision on hopping into the GOP primary because, as he’s said multiple times of the current GOP field, “nobody has taken all of the air out of the room.” Amodei went on to say that he’s “not taken with the field so far.” 

Amodei also thinks the current field is so bad, Gov. Steve Sisolak should be over the moon with his prospective opponents. In a brutal diss to his fellow Republicans, Amodei said, “the happiest guy in the state right now has got to be Steve Sisolak, and rightfully so, the way things sit right now,” 

To be fair, Amodei’s criticisms of what Steve Sebelius in the Las Vegas Review-Journal recently calleda brutal, crowded, expensive gubernatorial primary” aren’t at all unfounded. All five Republicans in the race have shown they’re willing to go to extremes to kiss up to Trump and his far-right base.

Former Senator Dean Heller and Sheriff Joe Lombardo are duking it out for Trump’s far-right base by one-upping each other on the ‘Big Lie,’ while fringe candidates like Mayor John Lee vow to “follow the Trump agenda.”

While Amodei is obviously underwhelmed with the current field of Republicans running for governor, he still appears to be on the fence about whether he could do a better job. He’s set a deadline for announcing by the end of October, and with a month to go, the clock is ticking, Mark.

“For as unimpressed as he is with this chaotic GOP primary field, Mark Amodei certainly fits right in with their far-right, out-of-touch principles,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “As the Republican candidates duke it out for the support of Nevada’s pro-Trump base and Amodei provides his commentary from the sidelines, Gov. Sisolak is focused on finding solutions to the issues that matter to Silver State voters. Regardless of what candidate makes it out of this brutal primary, they’ll be bringing their backward agenda up against a governor who time after time has put Nevadans first.”