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Mark Amodei Punts Decision on Whether to Join Unimpressive NV GOP Primary Field

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Rep. Mark Amodei still hasn’t decided whether or not he wants to jump into the messy, far-right GOP field for governor in Nevada. One thing he has decided, though, is that he’s unimpressed with the other candidates in the Republican primary field. “Certainly no one has sucked the air out of the room, in a Republican primary sense,” Amodei told the AP.

We couldn’t agree more, Mark.

The current field of GOP primary has been caught up in a desperate battle to prove their conservative bonafides. Recently, “Trump lawyer” Joey Gilbert, who called masks “face diaper[s],” attacked fellow GOP candidate Sheriff Joe Lombardo for his response to “the COVID-19 plandemic nonsense.” Mayor John Lee, meanwhile, has promised to “follow the Trump agenda.” And don’t forget about former senator Dean Heller who is rumored to be considering a run. Heller, a born-again Trump loyalist, campaigned for Trump in 2020 and has repeatedly praised him, calling him a “great leader” and telling him, “everything you touch turns to gold.”

Meanwhile, a majority of Nevadans are impressed by Steve Sisolak’s leadership, especially when it comes to the economy and his handling of COVID. A recent poll found 52% of Nevadans approving of the overall job Gov. Sisolak is doing as governor, 53% approve of Gov. Sisolak’s leadership when it comes to the economy, and 60% approve of his response to the pandemic.

“Even Mark Amodei admits that the GOP gubernatorial primary field is an unimpressive bunch,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “As Gov. Sisolak continues to receive high marks from Nevadans, the GOP field is trying to prove who is most in touch with the far-right and out of touch with the Silver State. Amodei can critique the quality of candidates all he wants, but he’s facing a brutal primary whether he jumps in now or later. Ready for a mud fight, Mark?”