Latest Put Michigan First TV Ad Slams Tudor Dixon’s “Tax Swap” Plan For Raising Costs On Working Families

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Today, Put Michigan First is launching a new tv ad — “All” — calling out Tudor Dixon for her plan for a “tax swap” that could lead to tax hikes for working families while giving massive breaks to the ultra-rich, including her billionaire funder Betsy DeVos.

This is the latest of several Put Michigan First tv ads highlighting how Dixon’s extreme tax scheme and education agenda — including dismantling the state budget and stripping funding for public education — puts Betsy DeVos first but makes life worse for Michigan families.

See below for the full transcript of the thirty-second ad: 


Narrator: They have it all. And with Tudor Dixon as governor, wealthy Michiganders like Betsy DeVos will have even more. 

Because Tudor Dixon’s so-called “tax swap” would reward wealth, giving huge tax breaks to the rich, but could mean higher taxes on you. 

Higher sales taxes, higher property taxes, even taxing your vacation — if you can still afford one.

The rich have it all, and with Tudor Dixon’s tax swap sending big breaks their way, you could have less.