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Ken Griffin Packs Up and Heads Out After Seemingly Unsuccessful $50M Experiment

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GOP megadonor Ken Griffin today announced that he’s moved to Florida, openly admitting defeat on his $50 million political experiment just days before the Tuesday primary.

Earlier this month, Griffin officially earned the title of largest Republican donor in the country as a result of his record-breaking spend to bankroll Richard Irvin’s struggling campaign for governor. But with Irvin’s numbers rapidly plummeting and just days to go until the primary election, even Griffin knows the failed campaign is far past saving.

Ken Griffin’s been with Richard Irvin through thick and thin. After auditioning a number of candidates for the role of “Ken Griffin’s guy” (and passing on Stolen Valor Sullivan and MAGA Bailey), Griffin hand-picked Irvin. Irvin concocted pay-to-play schemes to enrich Griffin and rewrote history to align himself with the megadonor’s platform. But now, this dream team’s calling it quits days before voters head to the polls.

“After propping up Richard Irvin’s hollow campaign for months, Ken Griffin’s running home to Florida just days before the primary so he doesn’t have to face the music,” said DGA Illinois Press Secretary Yael Sheinfeld. “With a vote of no confidence from their biggest fan, the Irvin campaign has their work cut out for them before Tuesday’s election. But no matter who nabs the nomination, Illinoisans know Gov. JB Pritzker is the only proven leader for our state.”