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Mayor Irvin Was An Outspoken Supporter of the Black Lives Matter Movement — But Candidate Irvin Now Says He Faked Support

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Richard Irvin’s constant flip-flops on important issues have become par for the course for the Rauner Reboot campaign, but his latest comments on the Black Lives Matter movement show he’ll tell any lie to break out of the messy and increasingly nasty GOP primary.

As Mayor, Irvin said he “strongly and passionately” supported the Black Lives Matter movement, but he has tried his hardest to cover up the past since announcing his run for governor.

Irvin’s been called out by the Legislative Black Caucus for being a  political opportunist and has spent millions blanketing airwaves with the Republican dog whistle “all lives matter” — popularized by Donald Trump and his cronies.

On Friday, Irvin once again attempted to walk back his support for Black Lives Matter, telling a journalist at a fundraiser he only stood with the movement publicly to “save the city from more looting.” But his comments in support of the movement were published in March 2021 — nine months after the protests in Aurora.

Irvin conveniently skipped a Republican debate on Monday to ensure he couldn’t be pressured further on the issue.

DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy said: “Months into the campaign, and Irvin still refuses to stand in front of Illinois voters and answer critical and straightforward questions. Illinoisans deserve better.”