Kansas City Star: “Former KS Republican Gov. Bill Graves supports Kelly over Schmidt, his former staffer”

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Graves: “[Gov. Kelly] is a common-sense leader who continues to govern from the middle to get things done for Kansans

Today, former Kansas Republican Gov. Bill Graves announced he’s once again endorsing Gov. Laura Kelly for reelection. Graves picked Gov. Kelly over Derek Schmidt, despite the fact that Schmidt used to work for Graves in his office.

Gov. Kelly continues to generate support from Kansans regardless of political affiliation. Graves’ endorsement adds to a coalition of over 160 other Kansas Republicans who have endorsed Gov. Kelly for reelection, and last month, a bipartisan group of 50 farmers and ranchers from every corner of Kansas announced they’re endorsing Gov. Laura Kelly for governor.

While Gov. Kelly attracts support from Democrats, Republicans, and independents, Derek Schmidt can’t even unite his own party. His problems with Republicans are so bad that GOP state senator Dennis Pyle is running against him as an independent.

Gov. Kelly’s record of success continues to grow: She worked across the aisle to balance the budget, fully fund public schools, restore funding for infrastructure projects, axe the food tax, and cut $1 billion in taxes. As a result, Kansas has shattered records for new business investments and landed major economic development opportunities.

“Gov. Kelly’s accomplishments, like fully funding public schools, balancing the budget, and axing the food tax, are big wins Kansans in every corner of the state can get behind,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “That’s why her campaign is drawing broad support from Kansans of all political stripes. Since Day One, Gov. Kelly has worked together across the aisle to get things done, and that’s exactly what she’ll continue to do in her second term.”