Amid Pyle Panic, Kris Kobach and Derek Schmidt Team Up to Drag Kansas Back to Brownback

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This morning, failed former candidate Kris Kobach endorsed Derek Schmidt for governor, solidifying the GOP ticket will drag Kansas back to the days of Sam Brownback’s disastrous administration.

Both are known to use their offices for political stunts, and Schmidt prolonged a lawsuit by Kobach seeking to strip tens of thousands of Kansans of their right to vote.

The endorsement comes amidst panic from the Schmidt camp as GOP State Senator Dennis Pyle has officially qualified for the ballot — and has already been targeting Schmidt.

Schmidt has also been stuck in a disastrous fundraising slump, while a number of top Republicans continue to endorse Gov. Laura Kelly.

“As Derek Schmidt continues to panic about Dennis Pyle, it’s fitting he is now doubling down on the failed agenda of Kris Kobach — who has done nothing but waste taxpayer dollars and embarrass himself,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Now the only questions are when will Schmidt have a rally with Kobach — and will Brownback be there too?”