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Derek Schmidt’s Disastrous Fundraising Slump.

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Schmidt Announces Anemic Fundraising Numbers, Less Than Half of Gov. Kelly’s

Derek Schmidt’s campaign is lagging leagues behind Gov. Laura Kelly. Schmidt reported an anemic fundraising total of just $700,000 from January 1st to July 21st. Meanwhile, Gov. Laura Kelly announced a massive fundraising haul that more than doubles Schmidt’s, raising over $1.5 million in the same period.

Gov. Kelly’s fundraising total marks the most raised by an incumbent governor in Kansas history at this point in the cycle. Gov. Kelly also saw broad grassroots support, with the average campaign contribution being under $100.

This is especially bad news for Schmidt who is months behind Gov. Kelly’s campaign when it comes to TV ads running on the air. As a result, the only thing Kansans actually know about Schmidt is he’d drag the state back to the budget disasters and education cuts he defended under Sam Brownback.

“Gov. Kelly’s campaign is seeing surging energy and momentum because she’s worked with both parties to deliver huge wins for Kansas, like axing the food tax and landing the largest economic development project in state history,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Meanwhile, Derek Schmidt is stuck using Brownback math to spin his sad fundraising.”