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Jack Ciattarelli Needs “Wiggle Room” to Lie to Voters About His Extreme Policies

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In video footage recently obtained by POLITICO, Jack Ciattarelli was caught asking his base, conservative voters, for “wiggle room” to lie about his policies in order to get elected. Read the full report here.

“I’m never gonna disrespect the base, but you guys got to give me a little wiggle room,” Ciattarelli told the conservative crowd at a gun range. “And give me a little wiggle room on how to talk about issues. Because the goal is to win.”

Ciattarelli spent the New Jersey GOP primary pandering to Trump’s base, and now he’s openly admitting to his desperate ploys to win votes. At this same event, Ciattarelli mimicked Trump’s homophobic rhetoric and attacked LGBTQ+ youth by vowing to end inclusive curriculum in schools.

Ciattarelli knows his platform is out of touch with New Jerseyans, so he’s hiding his extreme policies. This video is further proof that his campaign promises are lies.

“Jack Ciattarelli has flip-flopped and pandered since the start of this campaign to hide his far-right plan to appease Trump voters, including ending New Jersey’s LGBTQ+ curriculum, opposing commonsense gun safety, and restricting reproductive freedom,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Ciattarelli needs ‘wiggle room’ to lie to voters because his policies are too extreme for New Jersey. If he wants to win, he should be more like Gov. Murphy, who has led New Jersey to economic success and delivered for working families by expanding access to health care.”