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Jack and Diane Sing a Far-Right Tune

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Jack Ciattarelli has gone “hard right” since Donald Trump’s presidency, and his running mate Diane Allen is right by his side. Together, the two are singing a tune that is turning New Jersey voters away with their far-right, unpopular positions.

Ciattarelli’s extreme positions include restricting reproductive freedom, cutting taxes for the wealthy, opposing New Jersey’s LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum in schools, and expanding vaccine exemptions for schoolchildren for diseases like mumps and measles.

Rather than following Gov. Murphy’s bold leadership on COVID, Ciattarelli has stood against state efforts to keep children safe in schools and get New Jerseyans back to work, instead prioritizing the anti-vaccine, anti-science movement that he desperately relies on.

Now Allen is proving to be just as extreme as Ciattarelli. In an interview on the New Jersey Globe Power Hour radio show this week, Allen spewed nonsense about migrants bringing COVID into the country and even embraced the dangerous “good guy with a gun” argument.

“Jack Ciattarelli knows his far-right stances are unpopular with New Jersey voters, which is why he asked his pro-Trump base for ‘wiggle room’ to lie about his policies to get elected,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “The Ciattarelli-Allen platform is based on dangerous falsehoods and conspiracy theories when it should be about doing what’s best for the good people of New Jersey.”