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In New Interview, Jack Ciattarelli Proves Once Again He’s Not Ready for Primetime

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With just over a month before Election Day in New Jersey, Jack Ciattarelli continues to prove he’s not ready for prime time, and he’s certainly not qualified to be governor.

In a new interview with WYNC, Ciattarelli ducked and dodged direct questions on everything from his support (or lack thereof) for LGBTQ+ New Jerseyans and what the definition of the term ‘white privilege’ is.

to whether he thinks millionaires should pay their fair share of taxes.

CIattarelli tried to downplay his homophobia and refused to name specific LGBTQ+ policies he’d roll back — even though in the past he’s been crystal clear about what falls under his anti-LGBTQ+ agenda. As a state legislator, Ciattarell voted against legalizing same-sex marriage and trans-inclusive birth certificates, and in campaigning for governor, he said, “We’re going to roll back the LGBTQ curriculum. It goes too far,” — a position he doubled down on again in the gubernatorial debate.

When asked by a caller to define “white privilege,” Ciattarelli stumbled and demanded to move on, then saying, “I don’t really understand the question.” It’s no surprise Ciattarelli didn’t understand a basic aspect of racial inequality, as he has repeatedly failed to provide an answer on how he would combat systemic racism if elected.

Ciattarelli also provided a murky answer on his regressive tax agenda, refusing to answer if he believes millionaires should pay more in taxes. Maybe that’s because Ciattarelli wants to go back to his glory days under Chris Christie where the wealthy and well-connected benefited — in exchange for credit downgrades for the state. Ciattarelli has openly said he wants millionaires to pay less in taxes and would “steeply cut income taxes on the wealthiest” as governor.

“Not even Jack Ciattarelli can stomach his own extreme agenda that he knows is deeply unpopular with New Jerseyans,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “New Jerseyans deserve a governor who will be clear-cut with them on where he stands on the issues, not someone who buckles under the pressure of defending himself in primetime. Ciattarelli can try to hide and duck all he wants, he’s already made it clear to New Jerseyans that he’s wrong for the state.”