ICYMI: North Carolina Gov. Cooper On MSNBC: Republicans Failed To Override Veto Through Bullying And Bribing, And Resorted To Lying

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Gov. Cooper: “The people of North Carolina lost today. Teachers lost today. Working North Carolinians who don’t have health insurance lost today. And it is wrong.”

Yesterday, North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper appeared on All In With Chris Hayes to discuss state House Republicans’ surprise vote to override his budget veto on 9/11.
Gov. Cooper discussed how Republicans spent two months trying to override his veto through bullying, bribing, and lying. Knowing they didn’t have the votes if Democratic members were present, House Republicans deliberately chose to hold their vote when barely half of the body’s members were in the Capitol.
House and Senate Republicans decided to cheat instead of negotiating in good faith with Gov. Cooper. Because the budget did not include teacher pay raises of 8.5 percent and expanding Medicaid to provide health care to over 500,000 North Carolinians, Gov. Cooper vetoed the budget.
Watch the full interview here.