Here’s What You Won’t Hear From Radical Ron DeSantis In His RNC Speech Today

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This morning, Ron DeSantis will continue his shameless self-promotion tour by giving a speech at an RNC retreat. This is just DeSantis’ latest attempt to get national attention for himself instead of actually addressing the issues facing Florida families.

Here’s what you won’t hear from DeSantis:

  • DeSantis has also promised to sign a bill banning abortion before most women even know they’re pregnant.
  • DeSantis suspended an elected state attorney who said he would not undermine Floridians’ right to privacy by prosecuting women and doctors who seek or assist in abortion services.
  • Still, DeSantis wants even more restrictions on reproductive freedoms, saying last month, “we look forward, and we welcome future endeavors” to restrict and ban abortion.

“As he parrots far-right talking points to boost his national political standing, Ron DeSantis won’t talk about how his radical agenda makes Florida less free,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “By banning abortion without exceptions for rape or incest and promising to sign even more restrictions, DeSantis is embracing extremism at the expense of Floridians — but he’s way too much of a coward to say a word about it.”