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Heidi Ganahl Comes out of Hiding to Declare Extreme Anti-Choice Agenda

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After months of ducking forum appearances, Hiding Heidi Ganahl came out of the shadows to unveil her plans to take away Coloradans’ right to access reproductive health care. At a recent appearance at a Republican forum, Ganahl vowed to “protect the unborn” and called legislation that would declare that every pregnant individual has a fundamental right to continue pregnancy or have an abortion — “abhorrent.”

To cement the point that she’s against people making their own reproductive decisions, Ganahl went so far as to symbolically rip up the legislation, saying that’s what she’d do if it came to her desk if she was governor.

Ganahl’s die-hard anti-choice agenda is just as extreme as the other candidates in the field. Danielle Nueschwanger, who is the current frontrunner in the GOP primary according to several straw polls, has previously promised to ban abortions in Colorado “in a heartbeat” if elected.

Ganahl recently stated she agrees with the radical stances pushed by the rest of the field, saying that they were “finally aligned on our messaging” and “I don’t think there’s a lot of argument about what we need to do once we win.”

“As Heidi Ganahl comes out of hiding to try to save her standing in this race, the more she makes it clear that, if elected, she would implement a dangerous, out-of-touch agenda that would drag Colorado back a generation,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “The far-right litmus tests of this primary are only just heating up and already, Ganahl and her fellow extreme candidates have already proven they’re the wrong choice for Colorado.”