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Heidi Ganahl Fully Aligns Herself With Fellow Extreme Far-Right Colorado Republicans: “We’re Going To Say A Lot Of The Same Things.”

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This week, speaking at a forum for the Colorado Conservative Patriot Alliance, Heidi Ganahl stated she agrees with the agendas pushed by the rest of the GOP primary field — no matter how far-right, extreme, or out of touch they are.  “Republicans are finally aligned on our messaging…we’re going to say a lot of the same things,” Gananl said. “I don’t think there’s a lot of argument about what we need to do once we win,” she said in reference to her opponents.

At the same event, fellow extreme candidate for governor Danielle Neuschwanger took the stage and showed the far-right positions Ganahl and the rest of the field have aligned themselves with:

Nueschwanger called for 1776 to be brought back and vowed to put Gov. Jared Polis behind bars if elected, saying of Polis, “I believe that he belongs in a jail cell.” It’s not the first time Neuschwanger has threatened to jail an elected official. Neuschwanger has also said Secretary of State Jena Griswold “deserves a pair of bracelets.” 

Nueschwanger has previously promised to ban abortions in Colorado “in a heartbeat” if elected. She’s also said she would send the Colorado National Guard to Texas to finish Trump’s border wall.

With Ganahl vowing to do the same things as the rest of the far-right field if elected, Coloradans would be looking at an extreme, dangerous, and incredibly unpopular agenda if a Republican was elected governor — no matter which one.

“Ganahl said the quiet part out loud. She’s just as extreme as every other far-right candidate in the Colorado GOP primary, and if elected, she’ll implement the same insane, radical agenda,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Even if she tries to masquerade as a moderate, Coloradans will see right through it‚ and they won’t stand for extremism from her or any other GOP candidate.”