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Growing “Bad Blood” Between Ron DeSantis and His Fellow Republicans, As He Fights With Everyone Instead of For Florida

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Yesterday, Politico reported on the growing “bad blood” between Gov. Ron DeSantis and other Florida Republicans, as he continues to fight with his own party, local schools, and counties — instead of fighting for Floridians.

Politico noted that DeSantis-aligned groups even “bought $75,000 in ads” to attack the Republican senate President in his own district.

“There is bad blood between [Simpson and DeSantis] right now,” said a Republican senator. “They are not in a good place.” A GOP consultant who has worked with both sides said, “The relationship is clearly strained.”

As DeSantis seeks to boost his national political profile, he’s spent his time trying to defund local school districts and counties that want to implement common-sense measures to mitigate the spread of COVID. As a result, one Republican mayor called him a “dictator,” while a local superintendent recently said DeSantis’ harmful agenda is “unfounded, unprecedented, and unjust.”In recent weeks, DeSantis was even in a public spat with Donald Trump, who reportedly called him “dull” and “gutless” after he refused to tell Floridians if he received a booster vaccine.

“Ron DeSantis spends all his time fighting with anyone and everyone — instead of fighting for Florida,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “While DeSantis tries to do anything to boost his national profile, Florida families are left behind on the real issues they face every day.”