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Gov. Tony Evers Vetoes Six Anti-Democratic Election Bills, Shuts Down GOP Conspiracy Circus

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Today, Gov. Tony Evers vetoed six Republican-backed bills that would have imposed new restrictions on absentee ballots in the key battleground state of Wisconsin and made it more difficult to vote. As Republicans assault their state’s democratic institutions, Gov. Evers is proving once again that Democratic governors are the last line of defense for voting rights.

The anti-democracy GOP wants to limit ballot drop boxes, restrict who can return absentee ballots for others, and tighten rules for when elderly and disabled voters can automatically receive absentee ballots.

“Politicians don’t get to decide elections — that power remains with the people,” said Gov. Evers. “That’s why, as governor, I’ll keep working hard to protect the right of every eligible person to vote and make sure it’s easy and accessible for them to do so.”

These voter suppression bills are part of the larger effort to challenge the results of the 2020 election, fueled by Donald Trump’s dangerous lies and sore losers like Speaker Robin Vos, who is organizing a taxpayer-funded investigation into Wisconsin’s election results. The bogus investigation will be conducted by retired police officers, including a known election fraud conspiracy theorist. Gov. Evers’ vetoes come days after a Republican lawmaker attempted to seize ballots and voting machines in Brown and Milwaukee counties.

“Governor Evers’ veto today safeguards the right to vote for thousands of Wisconsinites at a time when the GOP will do whatever it takes to undermine it,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Instead of protecting our democracy, Speaker Vos and the Wisconsin GOP have shamefully chosen to spread Trump’s deadly ‘Big Lie’ to appease the far-right. Gov. Evers’ leadership has proven again to be the last line of defense in protecting Wisconsinites constitutional rights and shows what is at stake in 2022.”