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Gov. Tony Evers Tells Republicans to Start Over on Gerrymandered Maps

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Gov. Tony Evers continues to be the last line of defense for democracy in Wisconsin. Republicans hoping to disenfranchise voters through gerrymandered districts will have to start over after Gov. Evers rejected their redistricting proposals last week.

The GOP-proposed maps feature the same gerrymandered lines that Republicans drew a decade ago to grab power and would make a western Wisconsin congressional district even more favorable for the GOP.

“It’s unconscionable and insulting to the people of this state, frankly, that Republicans think they can pass another set of gerrymandered maps modeled after the same gerrymandered ones we’ve had for a decade,” said Gov. Evers. “Wisconsinites won’t stand for it, and I won’t either — it’s just as simple as that.”

During his time in office, Gov. Evers has been a “sea wall for fair elections.” Earlier this year, Gov. Evers vetoed anti-voting bills that would have discriminately impacted ballot access for people of color, people with disabilities, and senior voters. ​​He also established the nonpartisan People’s Maps Commission, which has held listening sessions across the state to guide them as they draft fair, nonpartisan, and transparent redistricting maps.

Meanwhile, in the Republican gubernatorial primary, Rebecca Kleefisch is siding with conspiracy theorists and threatening democracy by refusing to say whether or not she’d sign a bill allowing the state legislature to overturn election results.

“Gov. Tony Evers’ rejection of the GOP’s gerrymandered maps proves once again that he’s the only thing standing in the way of a Republican assault on our democracy,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Wisconsin Republicans, including Rebecca Kleefisch, will do whatever it takes to overrule the will of Wisconsinites. The stakes couldn’t be higher, and Gov. Evers is committed to protecting the right to vote and fighting for fair maps.”