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Rebecca Kleefisch Refuses To Say Whether She’d Allow Legislature To Overturn Election Results

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Wisconsin candidate for governor Rebecca Kleefisch sided with conspiracy theories and threats to democracy when she refused to say whether or not she’d sign a bill allowing the state legislature to overturn election results if elected governor.

Kleefisch denied that the GOP was even attempting to overturn the election, saying it was “premature” to comment — even as Wisconsin Republicans, including Kleefisch, are continuing full-steam ahead with their anti-democratic agenda and spreading the ‘Big Lie’ that the 2020 election was stolen.

Kleefisch’s own radical campaign agenda includes a similar proposal to strip responsibility for overseeing elections from a bipartisan commission and hand it to the GOP-controlled legislature. And while deciding to overturn elections may be premature for Rebecca, among her closest advisors, the cake is already baked. Kleefisch’s campaign’s “grassroots leadership board” is packed tightly with election conspiracy theorists who have personally visited the site of the sham Arizona audit and who made absurd claims that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, Iran, and China were responsible for hacking the 2020 election.

Wisconsin Republicans in the legislature have also made up their minds in favor of overturning elections, starting with a phony Arizona-style “audit” into the 2020 election results. Organized by Speaker Robin Vos, the nonsense investigation into Wisconsin’s election results is being funded by taxpayers and is headed up by a known election fraud conspiracy theorist who recently admitted he has no idea how Wisconsin elections work.

The GOP is also trying to undermine the strength of democratic institutions by trying to make it harder to vote. They recently attempted to ram through bills that would have limited ballot drop boxes, restricted who can return absentee ballots for others, and tightened rules for when elderly and disabled voters can automatically receive absentee ballots. The bills were vetoed by Gov. Tony Evers, who has served as a sea wallstanding in the way of the GOP’s unrelenting threats to democracy.

DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy said, “If a conspiracy-coddling GOP extremist like Rebecca Kleefisch is elected governor, the sea wall established by Gov. Evers’ steady leadership will come crashing down. A Kleefisch administration paves the way for Republicans to overturn election results and puts the state of democracy at stake. It is absolutely critical we protect it by reelecting Gov. Evers in 2022.”