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Gov. Kathy Hochul Declares “A New Day is Dawning” At New York State Democratic Convention

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Yesterday, at the New York State Democratic Convention, Gov. Kathy Hochul once again demonstrated her broad support and momentum as she unified her party around a message of strength and optimism.

“I believe to my core that this party can and should be a powerhouse — not to serve one individual, not to serve the governor — but to serve all,” Gov. Hochul said. “So as governor, and leader of this party, I’m declaring a whole new day is dawning.”

Gov. Hochul officially secured the Democratic Party’s endorsement, making history yet again as the first woman to receive a major party endorsement to run for governor. She also received Hillary Clinton’s endorsement.

Both endorsements further cement Gov. Hochul’s unquestioned frontrunner status as polls and fundraising numbers continue to show her overwhelming lead in the Democratic primary.

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“Gov. Hochul is a unifying leader who continues to get things done for New Yorkers with each day in office,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Her ability to bridge divides and bring people together to tackle big issues makes her extremely popular and the DGA is proud to be part of Gov. Hochul’s broad coalition of supporters.”