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Gov. Hochul Continues to Hold “Commanding Lead” In Democratic Primary and General Election

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Yet another poll shows Gov. Kathy Hochul solidifying a commanding lead in the Democratic primary for governor.

In the new poll from John Zogby Strategies, Gov. Hochul leads the primary field by 42 points, with support from 54% of Democratic voters. Her strong support carries through to the general election, where Gov. Hochul has nearly a 20-point lead over the leading GOP primary candidate.

The poll showed strong approval ratings for Gov. Hochul, with 58% of all respondents, regardless of political affiliation, approving of her job as governor. A majority of all respondents also approved of Gov. Hochul’s handling of COVID-19.

Gov. Hochul continues to demonstrate impressive support in poll after poll. A recent report from Politico highlighted Gov. Hochul’s momentum in the polls, as well as her success in unveiling a transformative state budget proposal and shattering campaign fundraising records — all in one day.

“New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, with less than six months on the job, turned Tuesday into a tour de force of her political and government prowess,” wrote Politico.

“Gov. Hochul took office promising to fight for New Yorkers every day,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “These consistently positive poll numbers show New Yorkers trust Gov. Hochul to keep her promise. She’s already delivered with initiatives to lower costs on essential items, expand access to affordable housing, and reduce crime, and she won’t stop fighting to address the biggest challenges facing the state.”