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Geoff Diehl Goes “All-in” on Donald Trump — In a State He Lost By 33 Points

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Politico: “Diehl is going full Donald Trump in his run for governor — in Massachusetts, one of the bluest, most anti-Trump states in the country.”

In a campaign strategy new reporting from Politico is calling a “head-scratcher,” Geoff Diehl is going all-in on embracing Donald Trump and his toxic agenda — in “one of the bluest, most anti-Trump states in the country.” 

The report from Politico adds that Diehl touts his “complete and total endorsement” from Trump whenever he has the chance and just announced he’s hiring Trump’s ousted one-time campaign manager Corey Lewandowski as his senior advisor for his campaign.

Massachusetts Republicans are understandably worried as their top candidate for governor builds his campaign around positions that are extremely unpopular with most of the state’s voters. The former chair of the Massachusetts GOP said, “The more [Diehl] talks about Trump and brings in Trump people, the less chance he has of wooing those folks that are in the middle.”

Diehl’s dangerous record includes spreading Trump’s dangerous lies about elections — even sharing the stage with an insurrectionist on the anniversary of the January 6th attacks at the Capitol.

Following Baker’s departure from the race, Cook Political Report changed their race rating from Solid Republican to Lean Democrat.

“With Charlie Baker out of the way, Geoff Diehl is leading the charge for the Massachusetts GOP’s full-blown Trump makeover,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “While Democrats continue to focus on making life better for working families, Diehl is trying to bring Trump’s toxic agenda to the Bay State. That’s a contrast that will cost Republicans in November big time.”