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“Dumb As a Bag of Hammers” — GOP Rival Kevin Nicholson Slams Rebecca Kleefisch for Comments on Ballot Harvesting, Hiring Mercenaries

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Wisconsin’s GOP infighting has escalated to brutal name-calling after Rebecca Kleefisch suggested she wants to use the voting rights protections enshrined by Gov. Tony Evers to win the election, then strip them away.

Just hours after the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Kleefisch wants to use the same pro-democracy measures she’s vowing to repeal and limit if she wants a shot at winning the governor’s race, potential GOP primary opponent Kevin Nicholson called Kleefisch “as dumb as a bag of hammers.”

The Kleefisch campaign quickly fired back, accusing Nicholson of “attacking conservative grassroots.”

The name-calling comes just after reports that the divisive GOP Primary could get even messier as Kleefisch has failed to clear the field. Either State Rep. John Macco or businessman Eric Hovde are considering joining the primary, a decision the Sentinel says would “shake up” the race and threaten Kleefisch. Radical Rebecca is also facing a potential Trump-backed run from former U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy.

While the Wisconsin GOP implodes over how to restrict the vote, Gov. Evers is hard at work defending democracy by rejecting gerrymandered redistricting maps drawn by Republicans.

“Rebecca Kleefisch is being attacked from all angles for her hypocritical strategy of ‘voting rights for me but not for thee,’” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “As the list of potential primary challengers grows, Kleefisch faces a brutal, expensive GOP primary. If she wins the nomination, Wisconsin will reject her plan to strip away voting rights in favor of Gov. Tony Evers’ record of protecting access to the ballot box for all Wisconsinites.”