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Does Kelly Schulz Agree With Blocking Paid Sick Leave for Families?

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Kelly Schulz will have to answer whether she agrees with blocking paid family leave after Gov. Larry Hogan, who endorsed Schulz, recently vetoed a statewide paid family leave insurance program.

While the Democrats overrode the veto, the Time to Care Act is set to provide Marylanders up to 24 weeks of paid leave for new parents and 12 weeks of partially paid family leave to care for themselves or a loved one after a health issue. Marylanders overwhelmingly support paid leave.

Silent Schulz has mostly been in hiding since launching her campaign, dodging questions on defining issues in the race.

“Schulz had better toughen her talk if she hopes to combat Cox’s grab-‘em-by-the-throat messaging,” one local columnist wrote.

The primary has been dominated by Donald Trump loyalty contests, with one poll showing Trump-endorsed Dan Cox beating Schulz. When respondents were informed of Trump’s endorsement of Cox and Hogan’s endorsement of Schulz, Cox’s lead grew to 34 points.

“Kelly Schulz continues to stay silent on the biggest issues facing Maryland families,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “With her Republican rival Dan Cox going full speed ahead, Silent Schulz can’t hide her unpopular positions much longer — and she must let Marylanders know if she also opposes paid family leave.”