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DGA Statement on Brian Kemp’s Run for Re-Election as Georgia Governor

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Early TV Buy on Fox Shows Kemp is Worried About Messy GOP Primary

As vulnerable Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is set to announce his re-election this weekend, he’s already being forced to buy TV ads on Fox News. This clear sign that Kemp is worried about his nasty GOP primary is no surprise as he’s faced unending backlash from his own party while also pushing harmful voter suppression legislation that’s hurt Georgia’s economy and deeply energized Democrats.

Democratic Governors Association Executive Director Noam Lee released the following statement:

“Brian Kemp has lost the trust of Georgians. He has both energized Democrats by becoming a national face of voter suppression and become a punching bag within his own party. He’s facing a nasty primary that will focus on toxic policies that are unpopular with the vast majority of Georgians. Kemp’s early TV ad buy shows he’s on the defensive and running scared before his campaign has even started. Even if he survives the brutal Republican primary ahead of him, he won’t be able to defend his disastrous record of restricting voting rights, hurting Georgia’s jobs and economy, and refusing to expand health care. 

“In 2020, Georgia voters showed that they’re fed up with failures like Kemp and ready for new leadership. We look forward to holding Kemp accountable every step of the way and helping elect a Democratic governor of Georgia in 2022.”