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DeSantis Won’t Close the Door on Implementing More Extreme Restrictions on Floridians’ Freedoms to Make Decisions About Their Own Body

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With Roe v. Wade threatened like never before following the leak of the Supreme Court draft opinion and Republicans around the country proposing bans on contraception, Ron DeSantis is refusing to rule out even more extreme legislation restricting Floridians’ rights.

The Sun Sentinel reported thatRepublican Gov. Ron DeSantis has been uncharacteristically quiet on the issue.” 

DeSantis has already made it clear he supports extreme and unpopular positions that would undo Floridians’ rights and freedoms. Even before the news from SCOTUS, DeSantis signed into law one of the nation’s most extreme bans on abortion, with no exceptions for survivors of rape, incest or human trafficking. Now, his refusal to rule out signing more extreme legislation into law shows he can’t be trusted.

With the Supreme Court’s anticipated move to overturn Roe threatening precedent decisions like access to contraception or even gay marriage, the path is clear for DeSantis to sign legislation further restricting Floridians’ reproductive freedoms or right to marriage equality.

DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton said, “With Roe v. Wade under threat, it shouldn’t be hard for Ron DeSantis to rule out criminalizing doctors, banning contraceptives like birth control, and throwing women in jail just for exercising their own reproductive freedom, but he’s stayed silent. While DeSantis must speak out, his dangerous record and refusal to publicly oppose these plans coming from his own party to further undermine the rights of Floridians already shows he can’t be trusted.”