DeSantis Takes Flight From Abortion Ban Questions After Opening the Door for More Extreme Restrictions: “We Welcome Future Endeavors”

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Ron DeSantis just said his goal is to push for even more extreme restrictions on reproductive freedoms in Florida. In a press conference, DeSantis said “we look forward and we welcome future endeavors” to restrict and ban abortion in Florida. However, when pressed for specifics on if he supports a complete abortion ban, DeSantis ended the press conference and took flight out of the room.

DeSantis also bragged he has done “more than any governor in the modern history of the state” to restrict abortion rights by signing into law one of the nation’s most extreme bans on abortion, with no exceptions for survivors of rape, incest or human trafficking. Now, he wants to take away even more rights for Florida women.

The comments from DeSantis come after he took his dangerous, anti-freedom crusade to a new level early last month and suspended an elected state attorney from office after he said he would not undermine Floridians’ right to privacy by prosecuting women and doctors who seek or assist in reproductive health care services.

“Ron DeSantis may put on a Tom Cruise costume to act tough, but the reality is he takes flight any time he’s asked about his extreme agenda to ban abortion,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “While he continues to literally run away from questions on how far-reaching his anti-abortion agenda is, he’s made it clear that reproductive rights for women in Florida aren’t safe as long as he’s governor.”