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DeSantis Slams Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan Despite Its Major Benefits to Florida

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Ron DeSantis is once again proving that the only infrastructure he cares about is trying to build a presidential campaign. DeSantis slammed President Biden’s historic bipartisan infrastructure package, calling it “pork-barrel spending” and “bad juju.” — ignoring the deep infrastructure needs of his state and how it will directly benefit Florida.

The American Society of Civil Engineers gave Florida a C grade on its infrastructure report card, and there are 408 bridges and over 3,564 miles of highway across the state in poor condition.

Even though the plan is fully paid for and has been shown to reduce the deficit over the long term, Ron DeSantis has apparently decided Floridians don’t need better roads, bridges, access to clean drinking water, or internet access.

The legislation would also save Floridians money. One estimate calculated each Florida driver pays $425 per year in costs due to driving on roads in need of repair. Under the bipartisan infrastructure bill, Florida is expected to receive an estimated $13.1 billion for federal-aid highway repair programs, lowering Florida drivers’ costs due to bad roads.

DeSantis has a pattern of opposing critical relief for people in his state before hypocritically trying to then take credit. He opposed the American Rescue Plan, calling it “Washington at its worst,” even as it put money directly into Floridians’ pockets.

DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton said, “Ron DeSantis is opposing this bipartisan and popular plan because he cares more about his own partisan politics than Florida families. The bipartisan infrastructure plan will create thousands of good-paying jobs, help rebuild roads and bridges, boost access to high-speed internet and save Floridians money. When Florida is filled with ribbon-cuttings to break ground on new, important projects from this plan, we look forward to DeSantis explaining to voters why he opposed every single one.”