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DeSantis’ Cruel Stunt to Use Migrant Families as Political Pawns Continues to Backfire

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Ron DeSantis’ is facing mounting backlash for his decision to lure and fly migrant families seeking asylum — including children — to Massachusetts just to get national attention for himself.

  • Earlier this week, Politico reported that the stunt “could undercut [DeSantis’] support in South Florida,” with one radio host in Miami comparing DeSantis’ move to forcibly relocate migrants to “one of the worst horrors the Castro regime committed,” saying that “using human beings for political reasons is inhumane.”
  • A sheriff in Texas also announced he’s opened a criminal investigation into DeSantis’ decision, saying his administration “lured […] exploited, and hoodwinked” asylum seekers “for little more than a photo op or a video op,” and then “unceremoniously stranded” them in Massachusetts.
  • Meanwhile, the stunt has still failed to distract from DeSantis’ numerous failures back home, including his dangerous abortion ban and the fact that “Florida now has the highest property insurance rates in the nation.”

As Charlie Sykes said in the Bulwark this move “could get messy,” asking: “Did DeSantis really think this through?” 

“Ron DeSantis may have succeeded in using families and children as political pawns, but this stunt continues to backfire — from backlash in South Florida to a new criminal investigation,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Meanwhile, DeSantis has done nothing to address the actual challenges hurting Floridians, including the housing crisis, rising insurance rates, and his dangerous ban on abortion. Floridians won’t be fooled: they’re seeing right through DeSantis’ cruel, selfish political stunts.”