AUDIO: Actualidad Radio Host Compares DeSantis’ Stunt Using People As Political Pawns to “One of the Worst Horrors the Castro Regime Committed”

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“Truly, This is Criminal”

As Ron DeSantis is using refugee families fleeing the authoritarian regime in Venezuela as political pawns to get attention for himself, he’s already facing brutal criticism in Miami from the Hispanic community.

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A radio host in Miami described DeSantis’ political stunt to ship migrant families seeking asylum — including children — to Massachusetts as “using human beings to advance political points of view.” He compared it to exactly “what Fidel Castro did when he wanted to clean the Escambray…one of the worst horrors the Castro regime committed,” 

The host added, “using human beings for political reasons is inhumane.” 

DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton said, “These are families — children, grandparents, moms and dads — who DeSantis is using as political pawns to get national attention for himself and distract from his dangerous record of banning abortion. Whether it’s ripping away women’s reproductive freedoms and using his office to attack anyone who disagrees with him, to this latest cruel stunt, there’s no one DeSantis won’t hurt to score political points.”