​​DeSantis Brings His Extreme Agenda on the Road, Leaves Floridians Behind

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While Floridians continue to struggle with high prices and a housing crisis, Ron DeSantis is once again leaving the state behind to pursue his own national MAGA ambitions.

Here’s what extreme and harmful policies he’s bringing on the road with him as he abandons Floridians:

  • Dangerous Abortion Ban: DeSantis signed an extreme abortion ban that makes no exceptions for rape or incest. He’s so dead set on enforcing this dangerous ban, he even fired an elected state attorney who refused to undermine Floridians’ right to privacy by prosecuting women and doctors who seek or assist in reproductive health care services.
  • Sticking Floridians with the bill for his divisiveness: DeSantis’ discriminatory “Don’t Say Gay” bill is costing good-paying jobs for Florida, as Disney is delaying moving 2,000 new jobs to the state. DeSantis’ retaliation against Disney for speaking out against his divisive agenda is also raising taxes for Floridians to the tune of up to $2 billion, reports say.

DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton said, “Not only is Ron DeSantis sticking Floridians with the cost of his radical agenda — he’s choosing to prioritize spreading his toxic policies across the country instead of finding solutions to the issues impacting working families in Florida. While Florida families are suffering from rising housing and health care costs, DeSantis continues to show he only cares about his own political ambitions.”