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“Crazy Meets Stupid” — Dan Cox and Kelly Schulz Too Busy Fighting Each Other to Fight for Maryland Families

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The Maryland MAGA primary for governor is heating up as tensions in the Republican party are turning into an all-out public brawl.

State Delegate Dan Cox, who has the full backing of Donald Trump, escalated the infighting yesterday by introducing a resolution to impeach sitting Republican Gov. Larry Hogan.

In response, Silent Kelly Schulz’s campaign said in a very rare public statement that Cox is “what happens when crazy meets stupid.” 

Cox, Schulz, and Hogan have been at odds since Donald Trump endorsed Cox in November, setting the stage for a GOP civil war filled with Trump loyalty contests. Hogan once dismissed Cox as a “QAnon conspiracy theorist who says crazy things every day,” but a new poll shows Cox far ahead of Schulz in a head-to-head match-up when Republican voters learn he’s endorsed by Trump, while Hogan’s endorsement of Schulz barely makes a difference.

“Cox’s impeachment gambit is sure to attract some attention in the right-wing mediasphere,” reported Maryland Matters.

“Dan Cox and Kelly Schulz are so busy fighting each other in this escalating primary brawl that they haven’t bothered to fight for Maryland families and the kitchen-table issues they value,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Silent Schulz has been quiet on almost every big question in this race, but she’s finally firing back at Cox and shows no sign of slowing down the infighting. The end result will be a Maryland GOP that is completely torn apart by the general election.”