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CLIP: James Craig Pleads, “Please Don’t Frame This As the Campaign Is Falling Apart” As His Campaign Continues to Stumble

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James Craig’s campaign has been such a disaster from start to finish, his top message during his lackluster signature submission that has taken nearly a year was: There wasn’t a sense of urgency, so please don’t frame this as the campaign is falling apart.”Craig’s response was to a question about how numerous staffers have left his campaign and how long it took him to submit signatures. Watch the clip here.

But on top of submitting signatures so late, Craig’s campaign “that looks to be adrift” has been spiraling out for months. Recently, he’s driven staffers away and didn’t know what county he was in during a rare appearance, while he’s “rarely campaigned outside of his favorite Detroit restaurants” and dodged questions at every turn.

The rare public positions Craig has taken have been extreme — like refusing to say he would have certified the results of the 2020 election and supporting Michigan’s 1931 ban on abortion. He’s also faced significant scrutiny over his record, including breaking his promise to become a certified police officer in Detroit and trying to run from his record of fleeing from a carjacking.

DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton said: “This is what a campaign falling apart says.”