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ICYMI: Crain’s Detroit Column Slams James Craig’s “Campaign That Looks to Be Adrift”

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In a new Crain’s Detroit column, Chad Livengood details how insider pick and former frontrunner James Craig’s floundering GOP primary campaign is a total mess that continues to drive voters and staffers away, including embarrassing anecdotes about refusing to hold events and not even knowing what county he was in during a rare appearance.

While insiders tried to rig the primary for Craig, his disastrous campaign has done nothing but open up an incredibly crowded and nasty Republican primary.

Key excerpts from Crain’s Detroit include: 

  • “That Craig has been actively campaigning for the Republican Party’s nomination to be governor for the better part of nine months now and still hasn’t made the 100-mile trek down U.S. 12 to a town practically synonymous with Republican politics says a lot about a campaign that looks to be adrift.”
  • “During a recent speech at Lansing’s downtown convention center, Craig stopped midsentence and asked a crowd of economic development leaders what county he was standing in.”
  • “Craig gave a lot of mixed messages on how he thinks he can win this jam-packed Republican primary.”
  • “After quitting Craig’s campaign…  Yob released his resignation letter to Crain’s and a statement that claimed Craig ‘has rarely campaigned outside of his favorite Detroit restaurants.’”

Click here to read the full column.