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Attacks on Mike DeWine Heat Up As GOP Primary Challenger Picks Running Mate

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The bruising Republican primary to oust Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine is heating up with Republican primary challenger Jim Renacci announcing he’s selecting a right-wing movie producer as his running mate.

In front of a packed crowd, Renacci once again slammed DeWine for his corrupt leadership that’s made Ohio the #1 state in the country in public corruption. As Donald Trump continues to attack sitting GOP incumbent governors across the country, Renacci also touted his running mate’s “very close relationship” with Trump.

Renacci’s campaign is being advised by former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale, who previously has released polling indicating DeWine is deeply vulnerable, with 54% of Republicans disapproving of his job performance.

As the attacks from the GOP keep on coming, DeWine is struggling to maintain control over his own party. Already, a Republican lawmaker has tried to impeach DeWine, the GOP-controlled legislature forced checks on the governor’s health orders and blocked his gun reforms, and his own running mate was booed at a Trump rally for suggesting attendees wear masks.

“As the divisive and brutal primary heats up, it’s clear Mike DeWine is in increasingly deep trouble,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “DeWine’s got a long way to go until the Republican primary, where even if he manages to scrape through, he’ll still have to answer to Ohioans for his corruption and failed leadership.”