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DeWine Under Fire Again as Republican Infighting Emboldens Far-Right Challengers

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Cincinnati Enquirer: “If you’re looking for red flags surrounding DeWine’s Republican support, they aren’t difficult to find.”

Republican Gov. Mike DeWine’s hold over his own party is slipping as the ongoing GOP civil war is ramping up in Ohio, with likely primary challengers like former Congressman Jim Renacci smelling blood in the water.

Recent reporting from the Cincinnati Enquirer detailed DeWine’s slipping support from GOPers, writing, “If you’re looking for red flags surrounding DeWine’s Republican support, they aren’t difficult to find.” 

Additionally, David Niven, a political science professor at the University of Cincinnati, told the Cincinnati Enquirer: “There’s an awful lot of people in his party who consider his leadership the last year to be an unforgivable sin.”

In just the past few months, a Republican lawmaker tried to impeach DeWine, the GOP-controlled legislature forced checks on the governor’s health orders and blocked his gun reforms, and his running mate was booed at a Trump rally for suggesting attendees wear masks.

Even though DeWine is already tied to Ohio’s growing corruption, this means he’s still in for a bruising Republican primary that will run even farther to the right. Among the anti-DeWine Republicans is Joe Blystone, a fringe primary candidate who even called for DeWine to be jailed over COVID restrictions.

The Cincinnati Enquirer also added that “Former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale recently shared a poll that showed DeWine under water with Republican voters: 52% viewed DeWine somewhat or very unfavorably and 54% somewhat or strongly disapproved of his job performance.” 

Read more about how DeWine’s struggle to withstand attacks from his own party is only getting worse in the Cincinnati Enquirer here.